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The Company

Day Light Networks is a privately owned and proud company founded in 2006. Before Day Light Networks was formed, we would trade under a different business name for two consecutive years in which it made business from various hosting solutions such as IRC hosting, web hosting and other hosting solutions. In those two consecutive years of business our expertise on the matter grew immensely and we began to fully understand the business efficiently and professionally.

At the moment we presently have servers hosted all over the United States of America in different state-of-the-art datacenters and to suit your needs as best as possible, servers will also be hosted in Europe as well in the near future.

Our Staff

Business usage on the internet has grown enormously in the past decade being that many corporations and individuals are using the internet for business use more than ever and we have discovered that web hosting is the most wanted and used business used on the net. Therefore we have determined that the best way to suit your needs is to completely dedicate our staff into this marketing solution.

Our staff is extremely qualified in the field of networking and software developing and are also certified in the most widely known and wanted certifications such as CISCO, Red hat and more.

Our Goals and Customer Dedication

At Day Light Networks, our devotion is dedicated to imply any queries of our customers; this is why our staff will answer any query of yours any day or time (24/7/365) by means of our email ticket system. This means that you the customer can take control of your support practically effortless in just simply a matter of a few hours.

Not to mention our normal response rate is no further than six hours, being the maximum time of our replies.

In addition to all of this we also provide phone support to all of our business companies and also to any of those clients that request it for urgent emergencies that they might encounter. Being that there has been a high level of abuse non-emergency calls, we regret to inform you that being a highly professional company this service has been provided "emergency use only".

Being that our number one priority is to help you the customer, we also phone up customers in certain cases that might be in-need of our expertise via telephone so that they may fully understand their support ticket created in our ticket system so we may communicate and solve the problems together via telephone, Skype or VoIP.